Sandra Dodd:

Talks in Edinburgh on

Saturday 21st May 2011

Sandra Dodd is coming to Edinburgh‭!

Sandra Dodd is a popular,‭ ‬prolific and high-profile unschooler from New Mexico,‭ ‬USA.‭ ‬Through her speaking,‭ ‬writing and website,‭ ‬she has inspired many home educating parents to enjoy learning and living alongside their children.

Here is a flavour of what you might hear from her:

Halfway between the past we can't change and the future we can only imagine,‭ ‬we find ourselves in the present.‭ ‬Not just the present year,‭ ‬but the present day‭; ‬not just the present day,‭ ‬but the present moment.

We make choices ALL the time.‭ ‬Learning to make better ones in small little ways,‭ ‬immediate ways,‭ ‬makes life bigger and better.‭ ‬Choosing to be gentle with a child,‭ ‬and patient with ourselves,‭ ‬and generous in ways we think might not even show makes our children more gentle,‭ ‬patient and generous.‎

"I was asked in public once,‎ '‏Are you willing to risk your children‭’‬s future on your theories‭?'‬ ‬-- 'Yes.‭ ‬Aren‭’‬t you‭?' ‬was my answer then, and still is.‭"

Be sparkly‭!

To learn more about Sandra,‭ ‬visit‭ ‬her website.

Two talks for parents

On Saturday‭ ‬21st May in central Edinburgh,‭ ‬Sandra will be giving two talks for parents about unschooling .‭ ‬This is‭ ‬the first time anyone has had the‭ ‬opportunity to hear‭ ‬her speak in this country‭ ‬– find out more and book your ticket‭ ‬here.‭ ‬Ticket numbers are limited, and we are offering a discount for all bookings made by‭ ‬30‭ ‬April.

There may be other,‭ ‬more informal opportunities to meet Sandra, as she is visiting Edinburgh all‭ ‬the following‭ ‬week‭ ‬– if you are interested in finding out about other events,‭ ‬please ask.

For more information, please contact